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Natasha Martin

Intuitive Counsellor 

Hello and welcome to my website. I am an Intuitive Counsellor, helping people find the essence of their true self. Understanding who we are and what we need is a work of self awareness, listening and letting go. Intuition has no language, no mind-based understanding, rather it is a deep knowing from within. As an Intuitive Counsellor, I guide people towards their own intuition, finding their true authentic self.


I have spent most of my life curiously trying to understand what it is to be a 'human being'. How our thoughts overcome our feelings and vice versa. Understanding where the patterns come from gives us the knowledge of what we may be struggling with in our lives.

Why do we behave in ways that aren't healthy or loving to ourselves? What are we holding onto that we find impossible to let go of, even if we know we are suffering because of these behaviours?


When we understand our suffering, how these behaviors were created due to conditioning or traumas in our past, we give ourselves the space to listen to what we need and what's real and true. This helps us create the change we need in our lives. It is a release and a freedom from our unhealthy thoughts and behavioral patterns, and we can slowly start the process of letting go.


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I am based in Kingsbridge, in the beautiful South Devon coast. I work face to face and online Counselling via Zoom.

For any questions you have you can reach me here:

Tel: +44 7960 408583

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