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Natasha Martin

Intuitive Counsellor 

Hello and welcome to my website. I am an Intuitive Counsellor, helping people find the essence of their true self. Understanding who we are and what we need is a work of self awareness, listening and letting go. This is a unique journey within each individual to explore, I am here to guide you to a place of joy and acceptance within. 

Areas of Expertise

Intuitive Counselling, Spirituality, Adults and Adolescents.

I have spent most of my life curiously trying to understand what it is to be a 'human being'. How our thoughts overcome our feeling and vice versa. How this then creates our behavioral pattern and beliefs, even though they maybe unhealthy for us. And how we feel out of control due to these conditionings. All of this led me to realize that all our struggles in our lives is due to the lack of understanding of who we are. We are not taught the most fundamental part of ourselves....our soul, this is the one who is present, in the here and now. Not in our mind, in our past or future thoughts, in our beliefs or conditioning. But the one who knows, just knows.

I realized that we are not connecting to our intuitive knowing, this is what brought me to where I am now.


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I am based in Kingsbridge, in the beautiful South Devon coast. I work face to face and offer walking therapy around our remote country fields and forests. I also offer online counselling via Zoom.

For any questions you have you can reach me here:

Tel: +44 7960 408583

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