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Areas of Expertise

Integrative Counselling

I offer a safe, empathic, non-judgmental space in which we can explore whatever is on your mind.

​Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship issues, looking for help navigating a big life change or simply feel like something is not right, I provide a confidential space where we will explore your difficulties together and work towards helping you become the best version of yourself.

Mindfulness Teacher

As a trained Mindfulness teacher, I believe that bringing ourselves to the present moment helps to let go of the constant chatter in our mind which will ultimately lead us to a more healthy outlook to what we need and what truly matters. 

Practicing Mindfulness enables us to wake up, to live consciously, to access those inner resources in ourselves and live with greater confidence, wisdom, clarity and kindness. 

Adolescent and Young People

Even as adults, it can be scary to ask for help, so consider how daunting it can be for an adolescent or young person. If they have no one to talk to or no one who understands them, who can they turn to?

Counselling gives them the opportunity to talk about how they feel without the fear of judgement. I offer a safe environment so they are able to express their feelings whether verbally or creatively and understand what may have caused them to feel this way. 

My Approach


Anxiety stems from our "flight or fight" response. It can affect your mental health when you feel anxious every day and can’t remember when you last felt relaxed.

It’s important to understand what is causing your anxiety or you may want to look at ways to break out of a cycle of negative thoughts that are making you anxious. Together we can look at steps to address these issues and find tools which will help you shift these feelings and emotions which trigger the anxiety in us as individuals. 


Depression affects people in different ways, they range from lasting feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness, to losing interest in the things you used to enjoy and feeling very tearful.

First step is talking to someone and realising that depression is not a weakness.

Together, in a safe environment we can explore those feelings with compassion and kindness. As human beings it is important to feel listened to and understood. Using different approaches suitable to each person we can work on finding ways of finding that inner strength and self love.


Traumatic events are usually very sudden, or so buried that we don't understand what we are actually feeling. This could be an accident, illnesses, disasters, assault, sexual, emotional or other events which are potentially traumatic. Such events can leave us feeling shocked, disorientated, and distressed.

As your therapist I will help you make sense of your experiences and we will work together to understand, accept and overcome this event in a way that feels most comfortable and safe for you.

Existential Growth

There are moments in our life were we may feel lost or unfulfilled and we don't know why. We may be searching for a purpose or a meaning to our life. As an existential counsellor I encourage clients to ask themselves what they want, where the source of meaning lies for them.

My aim is to help clients expand self-awareness and increase potential choices, to become present which helps with our future or past anxieties and eventually find our true self.

My Approach
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