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Living in a box

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

As children our conditioning, our sense of worth is all created due to what we believe from our parents, carers, family, friends, society, etc.

We don't understand that many of these beliefs, behaviors and reactions are actually other peoples "stories" being projected onto us. All we understand as children is love and to receive love our mind tells us we must follow those beliefs which in our young mind simply validates if we are lovable or not.

So when we don't feel loved what do we do? We create a box, something that will make us feel safe from all the hurt and all feelings of unworthiness - we step in and lock ourselves in the illusion of our "Safety Box"

What we are not aware of is that we are slowly incarcerating ourselves inside this box. We become controlled by the box, all our stories of worth, good enough, who we "must" be, who we "should" be or not be, all these thoughts fill up the box and we feel claustrophobic - overwhelmed.

Is this box truly safe?

We start questioning, start searching - looking outside the box. Fearful at first, as the outside is unsafe....our mind says so. But the awareness grows and we become braver. We slowly start drawing the curtain, we look out, we see things differently, brighter, bigger, possible..

And then we realize, we no longer need to be stuck in the box - controlled by the box, the outside is not as fearful as what our mind said. We find the key, the key we have always held, we put it in the lock, it opens and we slowly step out - we are free.

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