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"It is as we develop and build on compassion and awareness that we allow the space for real change to take place."

About Me

From a very young age I was always interested in how our feelings influence our thoughts and behaviour. This led me to become curious on how our thoughts control our emotions and therefore how we react. The more present I became, the more I was able to observe and listen to my own thoughts. The voice of the observer I realized was my intuition, some call it gut, others a feeling, the higher-self or the soul. This understanding has no religious connotations, it is something deeper which we need to listen to and tap in so we can find our authentic self.

The more I practiced being in the present moment, the more I was able to understand how our our mind is cluttered by past or future thoughts. When we live in the present we become less controlled by our thoughts, we start to understand what thought or behaviours are not helping us. This is a practice like any other as it is about re- training our behavioral patterns, creating that space of connection within self.

The most important part of my work is the relationship I have with my clients. I value connection and creating a safe space filled with acceptance, compassion, empathy and trust. I put importance in seeing and hearing you, working intuitively in understanding your story, guiding you to what that struggle may be and why you are experiencing it.


I provide counselling both in English and Spanish.


I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I abide by their respective professional code of ethics and practice.

Kingsbridge gardens


+44 07960 408583


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