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"The perfect state is the acceptance of now"


The teaching of Mindfulness has awakened us to understand the importance of presence. How to observe our mind and connect within ourselves. The more we practice presence the less our thoughts control our mind. This helps us to create a space of calmness, we start to awaken.

We find a sense of peace which leads to awareness of our own self. It allows us to listen and accept who we are and what is. This creates a change of consciousness within and spreads to others, helping to change the vibration of the world. Practicing presence is our natural way of being.

The Here and Now

Being in the Here and Now means being in the present moment. As soon as we become present our past or future thoughts have no more control over our mind. Our thoughts create our emotions of what we think. If we are stuck in the past we live with nostalgia, longing and depression. If we are stuck in the future we live with a feeling of no control which creates fear and anxiety. By bringing ourselves back to the present moment, the only place that truly exists, we feel grounded, clear and safe.

Image by Boxed Water Is Better

Understanding Awareness

Image by Kalen Emsley

Awareness is when we are able to be the observe of our thoughts. Not believe that we are the thought. When we breath and become present we create a space that allows us to see what the mind is telling us. This is when awareness arises and we can say "oh, that's how I feel" or "oh, that's an interesting thought, is it right for me?" Awareness grows and we realize our thoughts do not control us, we control our thoughts.

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