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"The perfect state is the acceptance of now"

Eckhart Tolle

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be defined as "awareness of the present - moment." No definition adequately captures the nature of mindfulness, however, mindfulness involves awareness and by working with our breath and meditating we manage to bring ourselves to a place where we can become the "observer of our thoughts."

What is Mindfulness?
Becoming Aware

How to "become aware"

Awareness helps us to understand what we feel and what that emotion means to us. By connecting with our emotions and finding a deep understanding we realize we don't need to hold onto these feelings any longer, we are able to accept and release.

Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness brings many benefits, everything from decreased stress and sadness to increased level of focus and calmness. It is now scientifically proven that the more we practice Mindfulness the less stress and anxious we become, studies found that mindfulness helps rewire our brain towards more positive thoughts and emotions.

Practicing Mindfulness
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