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We don't need another hero

Updated: Mar 4

Last night I was listening to the radio and that classic Tina Turner song came on "we don't need another hero," and I thought "nope, we really don't need another hero."

I then started thinking of all these references in our society of what a hero supposedly is, strong, powerful, helpful, understanding, kind, wise...but it all seemed as if we expect someone else to be that, not us.

Why can't we be our own hero?

It all starts from the beginning, how we are formed, what was projected and conditioned onto us as kids. Our parents/carers we love, we look up to them, we find it hard to see them as mere mortals, from the start they definitely feel like our heroes. We are then exposed to the media, films, books, childhood stories which interpret the hero's to be an external figure who saves us, who will solve all our problems, our relationships, our country, even our planet!

So if this is up to others, does that mean that they have the power of who I am, what I can and can't do? If so, how much power do I have of my own life?

When we rely on others being our '"heroes" our "saviors," we give them our power. We let others decide what is right or wrong for us and when we do this we feel we have no control. We need to stop giving that power away, to start reclaiming it, ideally from the start.

Parents, tell your kids they are they are their own heroes! Mum and dad will always love us but they can also make mistakes, they are human beings just like me and you. Let go of these stories, these conditionings which tells us a lie of who we are. We have to start taking back ownership of ourselves, we are the heroes in our own life's.

Let us remember that we are the main characters in our life story, we are the ones who say whether we can or we can't, whether we are happy or not happy, whether we are worthy or not worthy. The only real person that has that power is US. When we realize this, we are able to start taking responsibility of who we are, what we are and what is right for us.

We are no longer victims of our own existence.

By finding the hero within we find our authentic self. And that is truly the most freeing feeling ever!

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